To Gazebo

- a temporary installation in a pavilion in the courtyard of the National Museum of Denmark. 2012

"Hans Holten's audio installation sounds in a passageway that cuts across two wings of the prehistoric collection. Holten takes what ordinarily functions as a processional hall to quickly get from point A to B and provides a directive of where to go, a moment of pause, or conversely, a score for walking along. His intervention gives an awareness of time that is rooted in the museum architecture.

The middle of the passageway is a rotunda that ordinarily overlooks the garden. Holten converts the space into an ad hoc, if enclosed, amphitheater, where sound echoes in the round. He has masked it with sheets of currogated cardboard, leaving only the glass roof window uncovered. The enclosure's volumetric shape is pronounced; cardboard material tamps the sound. The aural aspect of the installation consist of synthesized sound bytes – bird calls and analog videogames collapse the natural and the synthetic, the contemporary and the time-abiding.

The functional aspect of Holten's intervention – to connect one time-space to another – speak to the curatorial gesture of Shaped by Time. The passageway connects history as the museum has carved it, gallery-by-gallery, display-by-display. His piece underscores often overlooked spatial connections between rooms, history, and archaeology that program the museum. It heightens our experience of the duration of static spaces that we activate in real time through movement. Time as music; time as walking, time as standing still."


Two partly overlapping layers of currogated cardboard covers the pavilions six windows. A small speaker is placed over each entrance. Audio volume is low - but can easily be heard in the adjoining rooms of the prehistoric collection.

Cora Fisher

- in the Shaped by Time catalogue


exterior view before installation


– after installation of currogated cardboard

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