CD: Welcome to ORLAB

01. Slowboat 3:51

02. Cutaway Beach 5:35

03. In O.M.'s Garden 3:22

04. The Memory Lane Experiment 6:58

05. A-Dip-a-Day 3:58

06. Scissors 0:33

07. Circle Street 5:03

08. Stone of Tongues 6:05

"When you think of downtempo and breakbeat, Denmark probably isn't the first place that pops into your head. Neither is a 42-year-old sculptor, with a background primarily in the visual arts, who quit making music some 20 years ago. Welcome to ORLAB is about to change all that. ORLAB is a one-person project, composed, played, and produced by Copenhagen native Hans Holten, who returned to music using the computer as his primary instrument. Holten describes ORLAB as the laboratory he set up for himself "a kind of depersonalized frame for something very personal, for which I don't have many words." This notion of creating something that is unclassifiable is at the heart of Holten's work. He draws from numerous sources - Italian cinema, abstract jazz, Martin Denny's Exotica-era recordings, to name a few. These disparate elements are set in dialog with one another, and cliches are cleverly avoided. The result is an enjoyable, completely listenable romp. From "A-Dip-a-Day", a downtempo loper with more swag than a couple of gin martinis, to "The Memory Lane Experiment", a slow electro number with sound effects that could easily be cicade communications from the semi-neither. - it's a joyful rediscovery of the proces of creating music. Organic, otherworldly music; stick-with-you kind of stuff you'll find yourself whistling. Throw it on and go someplace you haven't been".

- Marie Kacmarek - Urbansounds

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